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Best Workout Studios in New York


I love working out, but one of the top things I struggle with is finding a studio that works for me, so I did some research. Below are the top 10 studios on the East Coast, as visited by Dana, founder of the blog “The Dana Diaries”.

  1. DanceBody
@thedanadiaries_ DanceBody

DanceBody is a studio located in New York, Miami and The Hamptons. They focus on dance-inspired fitness with a mix of cardio, toning and coordination. These classes make you feel an intense wave of energy focused on one central mindset: Just. Keep. Moving.

2. Physique 57

@thedanadiaries_ Physique 57

Physique 57 has locations in New York City, The Hamptons and Beverly Hills. Their motto is, “Every Move and Minute Counts.” And they couldn’t be more right. Using your own body as resistance, Physique 57 uses a process called Interval Overload, with “muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and seat sequences, waist-chiseling ab moves and fluid stretches.” By motivating you with encouraging words and movements, this tough studio will truly whip you into the best shape of your life.


@thedanadiaries_ CYCLEBAR

CYCLEBAR is an indoor premium cycling studio that has locations all over. Their mission is to create a fun and accessible experience for riders of all ages and fitness levels and to rock that ride, every time. They’ve hired top instructors to motivate those in the class through music, lighting and other dramatic elements.

4. Shadowbox

@thedanadiaries_ Shadowbox

The two New York Shadowbox studios provide the opportunity to work out in a group setting, with individualized help between you and the bag. All fitness levels are welcome as you explore the strengths of your body and mind. As you maximize your lean muscle, core strength and cardiovascular endurance, you will simultaneously put your mind, stress levels and confidence through bootcamp.

5. Mile High Run Club

@thedanadiaries_ Mile High Run Club

The Mile High Run Club is a treadmill fitness studio located in New York. Their interior design will make you want to go workout. Equipped with Woodway 4Front Treadmills, kettlebells and foam rollers, you can go the extra mile knowing that you’ll enjoy the recovery room that much more after. All of the facilities also have digital lockers, showers, Redflower products, and a retail boutique.

6. Box + Flow

@thedanadiaries_ Box + Flow

Box +Flow is dedicated to creating that equilibrium in your mind, body and soul. By putting you through a 55 minute fight equipped with shadowboxing, heavy bag work and fast flow sequences, they create the perfect balance. Be prepared to make the switch from boxing with Nirvana to childs’ pose with Bon Iver.

7. New York Pilates

@thedanadiaries_ New York Pilates

New York Pilates is located in Bowery, SoHo, West Village and Montauk. They believe that fitness leads to happiness-happy body, happy mind. They use spring-based resistance training to sculpt your body and make sure you are strong all the way down to your core.”Fifty-five minutes is all it takes.”

8. PROJECT by Equinox

@thedanadiaries_ PROJECT by Equinox

PROJECT by Equinox is “where New York’s top trainers gather to break all the rules of boutique fitness.” They thrive on passion rather than perfection, creating an open space where people are willing to try new things. Centering on what fitness is all about, you are encouraged to find what feels good.


@thedanadiaries_ XTEND

XTEND is a barre class where they use the traditional ballet barre to create an entire workout on. The bright studio is cardio-infused and energy-induced rather than focusing on repetition, as most barre classes do. For a sweaty challenge that will improve your flexibility and balance, XTEND is the studio for you.

10. Hit House

@thedanadiaries_ Hit House ‘Puppies & Fitness’ event

Hit House is a Muay Thai Fitness Studio located on the corner of Spring & Bowery. This full body workout will improve your fight skills, muscle tone and cardio. They pride themselves on being unique from other studios because they encourage self-confidence over self importance and ambition over arrogance. Head to Hit House for your daily dose of sunshine.

Time to ditch the “Namaste in bed” and head to your local studio to get in some good cardio.

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