Just like Americans funny sayings, Aussies have a world of their own. See the list below to learn all the fun, interesting, and most necessary Australian slang you should know before studying abroad or simply traveling to the area.

Barbie: Barbeque

Bottle-O: Liquor Shop

Chockers: Very full

Esky: Cooler

Mozzie: Mosquito

Ripper: Really great

Roo: Kangaroo

Servo: Gas station

Slab: 24 pack of beer

Stubbie Holder: Koozie

Ta: Thank you

Togs: Swim suit

Ute: Pickup Truck

Arvo: Afternoon

Avo: Avocado

Bathers: Swimsuit

Billy: Teapot

Bludger: Someone who is lazy

Bloody: Very

Brolly: Umbrella

Cactus: Dead, broken

Choc a Bloc: Full

Chook: Chicken

Cobber: Very good friend

Frothy: Beer

Dag: Nerd

Daks: Trousers

Dardy: Cool

Drongo: Fool

Deadset: True

Funny: Toilet

Facey: Facebook

Lollies: Sweets

Fair Dinkum: Honestly

Legless: Someone who is very drunk

Maccas: McDonalds

Flat out: Really busy

Furphy: Outrageous rumors

Goon: Cheap, boxed wine

Lappy: Laptop

Rapt: Very happy

Sheila: A woman

Snag: Sausage

Thongs: Flip flops

Tucker: Food

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