Building a tribe to unite and inspire solo female travelers to dive into their next adventure free of the safety stigma.

I got my first taste of freedom when I studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia. I made my first solo trip to the opposite side of the world. While there, I traveled to Indonesia, Thailand, Fiji and New Zealand, as well as all over Australia (Sydney, Perth, Tasmania, Cairns, Whitsunday Islands…). I’d never felt so free and independent at the same time. However, this freedom didn’t come without sacrifices. Taking part in solo female travel, I was constantly warned about my adventures–the same adventures that any man doing wouldn’t have to think twice about. First, I researched every destination before heading there. Then, I shared my location with family. Next, I had to carry pepper spray in my suitcase. Doing all of these things this for each trip became, well, exhausting. There had to be a better way.

With SFT [The Solo Female Travel Gang], I’m creating a platform, a safe haven, that only those who identify as women are allowed to use. This “Tinder for Solo Female Travelers” will connect women all around the world to become travel buddies and share information on key destinations. Having all of these tips and information in one place, we will be able to jump right into our next adventures, without having to think twice about them.

Coming Soon:

  • Trip Planning: Connect with other likeminded women and plan your next adventure around the world together!
  • Language Tutors: Find the perfect tutor to teach you all of your language needs before embarking on that next journey around the world.


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