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With SFTG [The Solo Female Travel Guide], we’re creating a platform, a safe haven, for women who want to see the world. This “Couchsurfing for Solo Female Travelers” will connect women all around the world to become travel buddies, share information on key destinations and inspire wanderlust through travel stories, exotic photos and wanderlust videos. Having all of this information and eagerness in one place, we will be able to jump right into our next adventures, without having to think twice about them.

Coming Soon:

  • Itineraries: See an adventure you wish you could duplicate? Detailed itineraries with day-to-day schedules, tour guide/accommodation references and general information to know-before-you go will be available soon. For now, check out how you can visit luxury in Cancun for only $700 a week.
  • Language Tutors: Find the perfect tutor to teach you all of your language needs before embarking on that next journey around the world.
  • SFT App: All those who identify as women will be able to connect, rate places with safety scores, join trips and share wanderlust travel content with one another.

From The Founder:

My name is Raven and I grew up in a small town in the middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin. While I was in college at UW-Madison, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia. Though I’d always loved to travel, this is where I truly fell in love with the idea of solo traveling. Going wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted and meeting even more wonderful people along the way? Count me in.

The more I began to write about my adventures, the more I wanted to expand this platform and make it more accessible to those who needed it. Though my team is very small now, I am hoping to expand it a little more each year, giving something back to the travel community that always opened me with such warm arms.


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